This history contains sixty nine people who were born with the surname Rorer and are descendants of Sarah and Jacob Rorer of Germantown Township, Philadelphia. Thirty seven were male and thirty two were female. Nine died before they reached their twentieth birthday. Thirteen lived eighty or more years. One committed suicide. Three (a father and two of his sons) served time in prison for burglary and larceny. Two others served brief stints in jail for misdemeanors including DWI. When religion was specified, they belonged to Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist Episcopal, Methodist and Lutheran churches. Eight had four years of high school and another six attended college. Six adults never married and one was a bigamist. Six served in the military. Occupations were varied. Many had more than one occupation during their lifetime. A list of occupations follows: bank president, bartender, blacksmith, bookkeeper, carriage builder, cattle dealer, claims adjuster, clerk, coach driver, conductor, cooper, engineering aide, farmer, garage owner, gold miner, grain elevator owner, herb doctor, hotel owner, housekeeper, janitor, laborer, letter carrier, machinist, manager, mechanic, miller, oil engineer, printer, postmaster, real estate, sales, seamstress, secretary, servant, sheriff, steel mill worker, stenographer, teacher, trapper, trucker, watchman, and word processing business owner. The descendants can be found through out the United States. They spread from Pennsylvania, to New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico. The descendants of Jacob Rorer and Sarah Street Rorer are a diverse group. Read about them and enjoy learning about their different paths.